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About David Brady

David Brady was born in 1961 in Los Angeles, California. As an artist he is known for his continuous exploration of the figure through traditional and digital collage and his use of found objects. Brady views painting and creativity as a science in which one incessantly experiments with a variety of mediums and self-taught techniques while researching themes through travel, sketching and research. Utilizing a host of found objects and recycled materials his collage based paintings portray powerful and provocative images that reflect contemporary life. His creations include collage, assemblage, oil and drawing as well as digitally based projections and interactive multimedia.

Since the early 1980’s, Brady's paintings and collage works have been featured in several one-man and group exhibitions, international projects and student programs. His appetite for everything creative has landed him an "Artist in Residence in Japan", performance works at UCLA/Hammer Museum in addition to collaborative projects with Nelson Mandela, poet Amde Hamilton, composer Mark Sims and others.

Exhibitions and projects include the Museum of Fine Art Cuba, Modern Art Museum Mexico, Turchin Center for the Arts, The Lincoln Center, Lilia Arts Center Japan, MOCA Los Angeles, World Trade Center Osaka and the Center for the Study of Collage in France and others.

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Artist's Statement
Painting for me is a constant process of exploration, research and education. The creative process is paramount in my approach to painting especially when it comes to experimentation. I need to attack each image through a different approach, a different method in order to keep the spontaneity and incorporate chance into the work.

The theme in my painting has been constant throughout my life as I find the figure interesting, challenging and the most complex subject to study. I am interested in capturing human emotion and thoughts utilizing techniques, familiar objects and references to give the viewer their own map to understanding the image.

I incorporate found objects and references to trigger different memories for each viewer. This is important to me as I want each viewer to have an individual starting point when they first see the image. My paintings are a reflection of society as I use layers of varied materials (memories) to show the complex world we reside in.

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Exhibitions Listing

Sound and Vision
Venice Grind, Venice, CA

A Frozen Fire
Studio FIVE08 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Diverted Destruction
Cella Gallery, Hollywood, CA

Beautiful Oblivion
Studio FIVE08 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Wonderfully Absurd
Push Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA

Discarded Lanscapes
Solo Exhibition
AIA Exhibitions Gallery, Los Angeles

First Amendment
Gallery of Common Experience
Texas State University, San Marcos Texas

Eye To Eye
Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles

Innagural Exhibition
First Avenue Contemporary Gallery
Ketchum, Idaho

Found Object and Assemblage Works
Eco Logical Art Gallery, Los Angeles

Small Works
Gallery 9, Culver City

Forest Friends
Wonderland Gallery, Eagle Rock

VIVA LA Cannibal Flower
Benefit Exhibition for Stand Up For Kids
Vortex, Los Angeles

A Murder of Crows and Other Avian Stories
Cactus Gallery, Eagle Rock

New Anthros
Gallery9, Culver City

Heaven and Hell
The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles

Tiny Treasures
Cactus Gallery, Eagle Rock

Eco Logical Art Gallery, Los Angeles

July Exhibition
The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles


The Healing Game
Altered Space Gallery, Venice

New Works by David Brady
Norm Maxwell Gallery, Los Angeles

America Dysfunction
Solo Exhibition, Newcomb Gallery
University of Virginia, Charlottesvill, VA

Fearless Leaders
The Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City

Street Life
Norm Maxwell Gallery, Los Angeles


The Unity Series
World Econimic Forum
Davos Switzerland

Sum of the Parts
Turchin Center for the Arts
Boone, NC

IV International Digital Art Exhibition
National Museum of Fine Art
Habana, Cuba

Combination, Digital Projections
UCLA/Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

Wish You Were Here, Postcards 2002
Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, New York

International Contemporary Collage
Gallery Saint Martin, Paris, France

New Contemporary Collage
International Center for the Study of Collage,
Sergine, France

All Nude All the Time
Robert Canaga Gallery, Eugene, OR

Kreishaus Gallerie, Bergheim, Germany

Triggers and Responses
Solo Exhibition
The... Gallery, Hollywood

Human Evolution
World Trade Center, Osaka, Japan

Expressing the Repressed
Virtigo Gallery, Memphis, TN

Mexico '99, Global Culture Center
Museum of Modern Art, Toluca, Mexico

L.A. Freeways
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Kawaguchi Art Station '98
Lilia Art Center, Kawaguchi, Japan

Ten Los Angeles Artists
Magnet West Gallery, Culver City

New Assemblages
Edward Byrd Gallery, Los Angeles

World Contemporary Art
L.A. Convention Center, Los Angeles

Citizen, Global Culture Center
SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco

The Great Garbage Binge Art Show
Boise State University Art Center, Boise

Loss of the Soul
Solo Exhibition
Pacific Court Gallery, Santa Monica






















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