About the artist David Brady


About David Brady

As a visual artist, Brady is known for his continuous exploration of the figure through traditional and digital collage and his use of discarded objects. Brady views painting and creativity as a science in which one incessantly experiments with a variety of mediums and self-taught techniques while researching themes through travel, sketching, and research. Utilizing a host of found objects and recycled materials, his collage based paintings portray powerful and provocative images that reflect contemporary life. His creations include collage, assemblage, oil, and drawing, as well as digitally based projections and interactive multimedia.

Since the early 1980’s, Brady’s paintings and collage works have been featured in numerous exhibitions, international projects and student programs. He is also an award winning publication designer and owner of Brady Book Design, a publishing company offering personal book creation for a wide range of clients.



Brady signing one of his editions in Los Angeles 2018.

Brady signing one of his editions in Los Angeles 2018.


“Painting for me is a perpetual process of exploration, research and education. The creative process is paramount in my approach to painting especially when it comes to experimentation. I need to attack each image with a different approach, a different method in order to incorporate “chance” into the work.
The theme in my painting has been consistent throughout my life, as I find the figure interesting, challenging, and the most complex subject to study. I am interested in capturing human emotion and thoughts utilizing techniques, familiar objects, and visual references to give the viewer their own map to understanding the image. Found objects and visual references in my work trigger different memories for each viewer. This is very important to me as i want the to have a personal starting point when they first set eyes on the image.“
– David Brady